Why Should You Be Working with a Team?

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Today I am excited to talk to you about the benefits of working with a team. Of course, I’m a little biased, being a team leader of one of the largest teams in Charlotte. The benefits of working with a team as opposed to by yourself are numerous. Here they are:

What I’ve done on my team is taken the job of an agent, and broken down each of the tasks an agent has into an individual role. On our team we have buyer specialists who only work with buyers, listing specialists who only work with sellers, ISA’s, showing agents, admin staff,and more. We have set the team up in a way where are sales people can stay focused on sales activities.

Our agents average about 45 to 50 sides because we are focused on giving our agents the piece of the pie that relates to the sale, so that’s what they focus on. This is why our agents take home more than 97% of agents out there as well.

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