How Can You Increase Your Productivity?

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How Can You Increase Your Productivity?

Welcome back to our training blog. This is where we like to provide info for local agents on how to better their business. Today, we have got a great topic that we are very passionate about: How the decisions you make every day with your time impact your productivity and the amount of money you earn in real estate. 

We have a tool that we use every day called "Dominate your day, Win your week!" This is a daily reminder tool that can help you succeed in the real estate business. There are 3 sections to this tool:

1. The Top 6
The first sections is a list of time management strategies. The key here is approaching every day with intention. 
How can you increase your productivity 
2. Positive Focus, Go Big
As you are going through your day, it's important to keep a positive focus, and capture all the positive moments throughout your day. By the end of the day, you should remember 10 great things from that day, but the end of the week, you will have 50. Instead of focusing on the drama that comes along with the real estate industry, you can intentionally seek out those positive things for yourself.
You also have to "Begin In Gratitude." Be thankful for what you have, and that will allow you to see things more clearly and positively.

3. Notes/Insights for the Day
Write down any key takeways or insights. What have you learned about yourself from going through this exercise?

You can download the PDF by clicking here.

We would love for you to take advantage of this tool. Give us a call or send us an email if you'd like us to send over a copy. There's no agenda here, we are just trying to help more of you succeed by learning from our past experiences.