Attention Agents: Double Your Income in 2015!

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Thanks for joining us again. Hopefully you saw our last blog, and were able to pick up a copy of "Dominate your day, Win your week". This is a great resource for anybody who wants to succeed in business and we hope that it is making a great difference for you and yours.

Today we are issuing a call for your help. We are in the fortunate position to have too many opportunities coming in through our front door. We have yard sign calls, internet leads, and appointments that we can't service with the amount of agents we currently have. 

This is why we are currently looking to hire 2-3 quality buyer specialists to join our team. If you or somebody you know is interested at all, we would love to chat with you about joining our team. We are looking for someone who is an achiever and someone who is looking to ear a significant income in real estate. 

We are so confident in our team and the systems we have in place, that the people we hire will earn $60,000 minimum in their first 12 months working with us. If you don't earn that much on commission alone in your first year, we will pay you the difference. There is no other team that can make that claim or that offer, but we can get you plugged in and productive quickly. After 12 months of working with us, every one of our agents this year will make more than 6 figures. 

If you have any questions about the position, or about our team, feel free to visit our website